London’s Baraffina tapas bars give you a taste of Spain but at a price

I arrived at Barrafina in Soho less than thrilled. I was going to be in Spain in little over a fortnight, so what was I doing in a Spanish restaurant in London, of all places, when soon I’d be eating the same things in their country of origin, where surely they would taste three times […]

Saddling up: an African horseback safari

An invigorating alternative to the conventional bush breakaway.

Kayak cruising on Lake Malawi

Paradise found: Lake Malawi’s blissful islands, Domwe and Mumbo.

Durban: green shoots of a renaissance

Although regeneration of the inner-city is chequered, there is still plenty to enjoy in South Africa’s third city.

Zimbabwe has reason to hope — but not everyone shares in it

It is almost six months since the dramatic departure of Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe’s presidency. As more than 100 political parties gear up for elections in July, citizens’ hopes for the future range from cautiously optimistic to fiercely sceptical.

Wellington: New Zealand’s crafty little capital

Yummy beer, coffee, cocktails and brunch. And pretty views (when it’s not raining…).

Scratching away bling veneer to discover where Dubai’s soul hides

If you look hard enough, you’ll find it: history, heritage, and a thriving arts scene.