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Nick Megens (right) with fellow LM Radio DJ John Novik shortly after the Radio Palace siege was lifted in 1974.

LM Radio once broadcast the sounds of freedom into apartheid SA — now it’s back

The remarkable rebirth of LM Radio: Africa’s first commercial radio station and the forerunner to 5fm.

Hot and happening at the 10th Bushfire festival

Swaziland’s Bushfire has become the warmest, most diverse music festival south of the Zambezi. I traced the smoke to its founder, Jiggs Thorne.

Bringing people home

Angel Jones, the founder of the Homecoming Revolution, on convincing talent to return to Africa.

Mozambicans flee as Renamo and Frelimo face off

Innocent lives up-ended as conflict escalates.

The Good doctor: saving lives on the edge of world

An interview with Damien Brown, the Australian doctor who recounts his time as an MSF doctor in Africa in the wonderful Band-Aid for a Broken Leg.

Paul Theroux Reaches the End of the Road

The renowned travel writer explains why he gave up on an African adventure.