The Irish master discusses the creative impulse, his writing process, and why he finally started writing about queer characters.

“I had no intention of writing about childhood or Kentucky in the 90s or being a queer person there…”

The award-winning gay author Damon Galgut reflects on the compulsion behind crafting stories –  and what it means to be a “real” novelist.

“In fiction you have an obligation to show representative characters… you don’t just want to show a bunch of freaks.”

Finuala Dowling’s fifth novel captures the tragicomic absurdities of universities grappling with change.

Meditation is a calming sanctuary I carry with me wherever I go.

On “peak nomad” and how to overcome it.

This is easily one of the best debut novels of the year: an unflinching, lyrical dissection of tragedy and trauma — large and small.

I’m obsessed with LA’s light: languorous, golden, and lingering long after sunset.

A once-dangerous and overgrown park is now a vibrant sanctuary for all.