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Scary and sublime: Adventures in the silence of the Tankwa and Richtersveld

Exploring these silent, arid empty places is both an exquisite journey and a sometimes terrifying one.

Liquid gold: discovering the Klein Karoo’s brandy distilleries

Along the Route 62, several passionate distillers are keeping the tradition of potstill brandy alive.

The power of quiet attention: “Mzansi Zen” reviewed

Antony Osler’s new book – a patchwork of poetry, parable and memory – offers a gentle reminder of the power of embracing the present.

Hit and miss: hunting in the Karoo

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, every man should kill the thing he loves to eat. And so I gave it a go.

From veld to fork: the tasty tale of slow Karoo food

Self-taught chef Gordon Wright’s passion for the Karoo’s unqiue recipes and ingredients is putting the region’s cuisine on the map.

Fracking scary: a review of “Unearthed”

Jolyn Minnaar’s carefully researched and beautifully shot doccie shows how fracking will have devastating consequences for the Karoo and those who live in it.

Searching for silence in the Karoo

Discovering the extraordinary power of absolutely nothing in South Africa’s semi-desert heart.